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This is not the time for guessing what your home value is when considering the sale or purchase of your next house. One of the most critical actions you can take is to get a clear picture of your home value so you can make the correct financial decision. Our home value estimate provides you with a quick way to obtain an accurate, reliable report of the market value of your house based on a number of factors such as nearby comparable sales, sale history, public records and more. While no online home value estimation tool is as accurate as a local real estate professional, we come pretty close. To find out what your home is worth, simply click on the link below, provide some details about your home and a licensed realtor will review your request and provide you with a home value report directly to your email box.

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The home value report you will receive provides you with an overall market value estimate of your house based on a variety of information sources such as Maricopa County tax records and the Arizona Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS). Within the report, you will find sales history, public records, agent price adjustments, neighborhood data, and even school reviews and ratings. Property photos, comparable sales, median estimated home values, homeowner association info and overall market inventory will also be provided so you can gain valuable insights into how we determined your home value estimate.

When reviewing your free home value estimate, please remember that this report should not be used as a substitute for a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) or professional appraisal. Think of the home value estimator tool as a ballpark estimate. If you require the services of a professional appraiser, click here for a list of local Phoenix appraisers. We are very proud to provide a free appraisal rebate upon successful close of escrow to homeowners who list their homes for sale with local West USA Realtor Troy Elston.

Home Value Report Sample

Home Value Report Sample

View a typical sample of our home value report.

Comparable Market Analysis CMA Example

Comparable Market Analysis

View a sample of our comparable market analysis (CMA).

Appraisal Report Example

Professional Appraisal Sample

View an example of a professional appraisal report.

I received the home value estimate.
What do I do next?

Most likely we never visited your home before. There’s only so much we can learn about the value of your home from online data and public records. In order to receive the highest level of accuracy, we will need to personally visit your home at your convenience. Our agent will learn valuable information about your house related to its condition, location, and other details only a homeowner can provide. With this additional data, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation market value presentation and ultimately a suggested listing price if you anticipate placing your home for sale in the Phoenix Area Market.

Why not use Zillow or Trulia to

provide me with a home value estimate?

When was the last time a representative from Zillow made it over to your house? I would venture to say never. When you use a local Realtor like Troy Elston, you are receiving the most accurate home value estimate possible. Troy uses the same techniques as an appraiser in making sure you receive the best estimate possible – without the appraiser’s fees.

A FREE Home Value Estimate can be performed today at your home by Troy Elston, a trusted local Peoria AZ REALTOR®

Home Improvements Learn what home improvements will increase the value of your home

Home Improvements

We can consider all the specifics that make your home special – including any improvements or additions you’ve made and its current condition. No online estimate can do that.

Current Market Data Discover the market value of your home from Local Experienced Peoria Realtor Troy Elston

Current Market Data

We look at the entire picture of what your home value is truly worth by considering past sales, the homes location and other factors that make our estimate so accurate.

Experienced Arizona Realtor - Learn your home value from an expeired local Arizona realtor

Experienced AZ Realtor

Troy Elston, an experienced, local Arizona Realtor is trained to deeply analyze the market (including both the recent sales prices and current asking prices) – for the best results.

Get Peace of Mind knowing what your home is worth in today's real estate market

Your Peace of Mind

You can question everything that goes into our valuation. And hopefully, that means you’ll end up with much more confidence in the accuracy of the price we suggest to you.

6 Reasons Why a Home Value Report from
a Local Realtor Beats Online Estimates

Public Records
and Data Research

A Realtor is able to compile public tax records with additional data to see a clear legal picture of your physical property and legally recorded documents that could affect the sale. Realtors are able to increase their resources by working with professionals such as title agents, attorneys, and contractors.

Sales Research and Comparable Market Analysis

It’s a sure bet that the online home value estimation tool on popular real estate websites can’t truly compare “apples to apples” when it comes right down to it. Only a Realtor can investigate whether the seller provided the buyer with closing cost assistance or if one home was maintained better than another.

Knowledge of the

Many home value estimation tools are located outside of Arizona. These companies can’t really tell you whether the neighborhood feels unsafe, is noisy, or located next to the best schools and restaurants. Only a local Realtor can help you determine if living in an airport flight path will affect your home value.


Homes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. These same homes also need to be maintained. Realtors will adjust the value of your home based on its condition. Does your home have all the best upgrades or did renters tear it up? Is your home in basically the same average condition as that of your neighbor’s? These are home value adjustments only a Realtor can determine.

Local Phoenix Area Market Conditions

Each neighborhood is said to have a micro-market. Some neighborhoods are flashy, new and are in high demand, where others tend to be older, tired, and with high crime. A Realtor can spot these trends and easily value your home according to where it’s located. It’s not uncommon for home values to rise in popular trendy subdivisions and decline in adjacent communities at the same time.

The Buyers’

Realtors work with both buyers and sellers on a daily basis. We understand what’s important to home buyers. The “perceived home value” is just as important as the cold, hard data reports. Buyers consider intangible items such as architectural style, cleanliness, layout, proximity to schools, employment, and the neighborhood grocery store. This definitely affects the home value.

In the end, you should remember that the market value of your home comes down to one thing. Your home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay and what a seller is willing to sell it for.

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