Be prepared to sell your home fast.

Make a great first impression

Everyone in the Phoenix Area wants to sell their home fast. The hottest home selling season in Phoenix usually occurs between March and September. To ensure a speedy sale all year around, sellers must focus on the right sales price and how to attract buyers by offering an amazing first impression. Learn how to sell your home quickly by using the easy steps outlined below.

Price your home right from day one.

Don’t fall into the common trap by setting your asking price high only to lower it later if the house doesn’t sell right away. Using this strategy often results in a slower sale – and even a lower sales price. The first 30 days the home is listed can be the most critical to home sellers. This is the time when owners will see the most buyer activity on their houses. If your home is priced too high, buyers and their agents will stay clear with the assumption that you’re not serious about selling or are unwilling to realistically negotiate a deal with them. Discuss what your home is worth today with an experienced agent.


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Improve and enhance your homes curb appeal for a quick sale.

Curb appeal creates more interest in your home than you can imagine. From the moment a buyer spots your home online or in person, they form an immediate opinion. By painting the exterior, adding new sod, planting flowers, and removing driveway oil stains, you have increased the chances that a buyer will walk into your house smiling from ear to ear.

Make updates to the exterior and interior.

The simplest way to give your home a makeover is to add fresh paint, change out the carpet or add new modern fixtures. The goal here isn’t to completely remodel your kitchen, but to make the home appear clean, well-maintained and modernized to compete with today’s current trends. Your priority here is to perform easy and affordable updates first and move on to more complex updates as needed.

De-clutter, clean and depersonalize the entire home.

If you plan on living in the house while presenting it to home buyers, it is absolutely imperative that you remove all excess furniture, knickknacks, and clutter by storing it off the property or at the very least inside the garage. Buyers do not want to unsafely navigate around your personal belongings while touring your home. Buyers will have a difficult time envisioning your house with their furniture or conclude that you have too small of a living space which provides inadequate storage. You will also want to remove your family photos, religious artifacts, and other personalized items so home buyers can imagine the home as their own. Lastly, you may want to hire a cleaning service to assist you in deep cleaning of the house. Make sure windows, floors, counters, patios and other parts of the house are clean and odor-free.

Stage your house so buyers understand a room’s purpose.

Sometimes it’s difficult for buyers to understand what the obvious role of a space could be. Many homes have odd alcoves and add-ons that could be used for a variety of functions. By strategically placing furniture or other items within the space, you’re showing buyers a possible use for space. Learn more about staging your home.

Make sure the house is easy to show to buyers.

Be extremely flexible about showings and visits.The more buyers that experience your home in person increases the odds of possible offers to come in. Be ready to accommodate home buyers on weekends, at dinnertime, early in the morning with little or no notice. Once buyers start rolling in, that’s your cue to leave the home so potential buyers can discuss the pros and cons and move freely about with their agents. Turn off your home security cameras so buyers don’t feel like they’re being spied on. Learn what to do and what not to do when buyers visit your home.

Remove your pets from the property.

In addition to removing your pet, it’s also a great idea to remove or hide dog dishes and cat litter boxes. Many home buyers do have pets of their own and are very understanding. Many other home buyers are allergic to pets or are sensitive to the odors pets put off. You’ll ultimately disclose to the buyer that a pet lives or had lived in the house later. Don’t make a loud or threatening dog be the buyer’s only memory of your house.

Make sure your listing is everywhere.

Double check to see that your listing appears in all the major websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Your real estate agent will handle all of the online and offline marketing but there are actions you can take to help. Make sure to share any promotional social media posts, emails, and custom fliers with everyone you know. Chances are your agent won’t know your friends, family, co-workers, and others. Assist your agent by providing detailed information about the neighborhood, your house, and your neighbors. Often a listing agent will need to personally present your house to other agents, his own buyers, and prospective open house buyers. The more background knowledge your agent has about your sale the more trust is established with prospective buyers.


Selling your home quickly and for the most amount of money is our number one priority. Contact Troy Elston at West USA Realty for more ideas on how to market your home for a quick, easy sale.



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