12 Tips for Living in Arizona | Survival Guide

12 Important Tips for Living in Arizona

Here Are 12 Tips for Living in Arizona?

Whether you just recently moved here or grew up here, one thing is for certain – Arizona can take some getting used to. I put together a short list of things that will help new comers adjust to the Desert Lifestyle.

Invest in an Aloe Vera plant. It’s the most low maintenance relationship you’ll ever have and you’ll reap all the benefits.

Drink lots of water and make friends with someone with a pool, if you don’t have one yourself.

Live a resort lifestyle. Moisturize your whole face and body liberally each morning and expect your pores to open when you walk outside the door. Invest in cute summer dresses, loose clothing and flip flops. Make sure you have enough ice in your stainless steel double walled water bottle, wherever you go!

Don’t forget your pet or child. Locking your pet or child in a car, even for just a few minutes, is like locking them in an oven.

Don’t go hiking anywhere in the desert around June-August if you don’t want to be on the 6 PM news.

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Phoenix is called the Valley of the Sun because it’s surrounded by mountains. If you can identify these ranges, you’ll always be able to find your bearings: White Tanks are west, South Mountain is self explanatory, the Superstition Ridge line is east and McDowell Mountains are north-east.

Load up on sunblock, a good swimsuit, and find your local pools and use them. Drink lots of water, and make sure your car’s AC works correctly. Buy a sunshade for your car, and a patio shade as well, as that helps you from melting even more in July when its still 105 degrees at 10PM at night.

Don’t carry makeup, Chapstick, or crayons in your car from April thru Oct – they will melt.

Keep your vehicle maintained. Sprint has for $4 a month road side service. Car batteries will die prematurely in the heat. If your car battery is over 4 years old you might consider buying a new one, it’s most likely ready to fail.

Keep your tires maintained. Expect about a year less on when your tires need to be replaced so you’re not replacing them on the side of the road in 122 degree heat. You will see evidence of skid marks followed by shredded tires out on the freeway.

Live as close to your job as possible. Less miserable time spent in a hot vehicle! More time in the pool!

If you get your car windows tinted for the Summer you will love it but be aware about laws that prohibit going with too dark of a tint. I’ve lived in Arizona since 1989. So if you are new to the area, give me a call. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Additional Arizona Living Resources

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