“What’s my home worth” is the million dollar question I would love to answer for you. While the Peoria median house price in 2018 is over $360,000, how much your home is worth depends on its size, neighborhood, and lots of additional factors. Further complicating matters could be your own value perspective: We tend to mentally inflate our home’s positives and airbrush out the flaws that are all too apparent to the cold, calculating eyes of buyers. People always seem to compare their house to the most expensive sale in the neighborhood. Instead, look at the prices of similarly sized homes that have recently sold in your area—data that agents call comparative market analysis, or “comps.” Then, price your place strategically. If you price too high, the home is likely to linger on the market and cost you more money.

Meanwhile, pricing low can have major upsides, resulting in multiple bids that could ultimately jack up your price. So, do your homework. Then, discuss a number with Troy Elston, your Realtor that feels right — and is realistic.

Discuss what your home is worth today with an experienced agent.

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