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staging your home makes you more money
Home Selling

Staging Your Home Makes You More Money

Here are a few reasons why staging your home before a sale is important to your final sales price. Staging helps with perceived value a buyer assigns to it. See how it works when selling your home.

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hard money lenders
Home Loans

How to Use Hard Money Lenders in Arizona

You really never think you’ll need a hard money lender until you need a hard money lender. For the typical home buyer, a hard money lender is often mysterious and even a little bit spooky. Learn how a hard money lender can help you in certain situations.

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hiking in arizona
Arizona Living

10 Things You Need When Going Hiking in Phoenix

Hiking in Phoenix Area Mountains and canyons can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS in the summer months. Please think about it first – it could mean life or death. Always be sure to pack these 10 things when you go hiking in the Phoenix desert to not only be safe but to have a great time.

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tips for living in arizona
Arizona Living

12 Important Tips for Living in Arizona

Whether you just recently moved here or grew up here, one thing is for certain – Arizona can take some getting used to. We put together a short list of things that will help new comers adjust to the Desert Lifestyle.

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