Tips on How Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Should You Try and Sell Your Home During the Coronavirus Crisis?

Selling your home during the cornavirus pandemic is quickly changing the Phoenix Area Real Estate market. Some sellers have the luxury to pull their homes off the market and sell at a later time, while others absolutely can not wait. If you are thinking of selling your home in today’s strange new market, here are some suggestions on how to keep everyone safe, happy and healthy. If you’re thinking of selling your home during the coronavirus crisis, read on to learn more.

Ask Your Agent to Cancel Open Houses

Because of the Arizona state local government restrictions, encouraging open houses go against the social distancing practices currently in place for public protection.

Open houses by their nature are not always the most effective marketing methods for agents to use. With thousands of buyers stuck inside searching for homes online, nothing beats providing them with accurate, clear information, beautiful photos and video walk-throughs.

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Ways to Stay Safe When Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Using Online Teleconferencing and E-signing Software to Negotiate Contracts and More

E-signing is nothing new to the real estate industry. In fact, it has become the standard for many real estate brokers, lenders and title companies long before the coronavirus outbreak came onto the scene. Practically everyone is familiar with the convenience and ease of e-signing documents. 

It’s possible for you to sell your home without direct human contact, with the exception of signing closing title documents. Many title companies have closed their offices and now send Notaries to wherever the Seller agrees to meet them. Don’t worry, most Notaries have taken particular precautions to protect home sellers by wearing masks, gloves and maintaining strict sanitizing policies.

Market Your Home With Video Tours

Using videos to market your home is a great way to attract prospective buyers. Although it’s not a substitute for personally experiencing the space of your home, it does offer buyers a sense of the layout of your home before they see it in person.

Using video during the coronavirus crisis will also help to limit the amount of traffic going through your home to only those buyers who have serious interest in your property.

Keep Your Home Clean. I Mean Really Clean

Keeping your home as clean as possible for possible showings is always a great way to show pride in ownership. But during times like these, keeping your home extra clean encourages buyers to safely move about without worries. In addition to air fresheners, don’t be afraid to promote the scents of industrial cleaners or freshly mopped floors.

Keeping your home clean after a showing is also important. Even though some Realtors are providing latex gloves and hand sanitizers to their clients, home sellers must re-clean door handles, light switches and more after each showing.

Making hand sanitizer, masks and gloves available for buyers is also a great way to insure that extra level of safety for you and your family. Many realtors, including myself are now asking buyers not to touch surfaces or walk around with their hands in their pockets to prevent the spread of the disease.

How to Deal With the Closing Process

When selling your home, it’s normal to expect visits from an appraiser, the home inspector and others. The buyer may even just want to take another look at the home so they can size it up for that extra large dining room table. Contractually, sellers can not prevent these visits, but they can make sure that they are performed safely.

As a home seller in Arizona, you have to realize that your safety and the safety of others is your number one priority. Don’t be afraid to place the listing on hold if you feel that’s what’s best. Especially if you or someone living with you feels ill.

The Home Selling Market Outlook During the Coronavirus Epidemic

It’s true that the coronavirus is changing the way homes are sold for the moment. Homes are still being listed – with many selling very quickly because of the low inventory we’ve experienced in Phoenix. But each day, more and more buyers are experiencing layoffs or job losses that disqualify them from buying a home. 

Many homes will pop back onto the market because buyers are no longer able to buy. And that’s a shame. I can’t express to you how important it is for your Realtor to screen the buyers before getting locked into a purchase contract.

If you’re an optimist. This is for you. Many buyers are out there right now looking for great deals. Be prepared to stand your ground. Lowball offers will most certainly be thrown your way. Stay strong and negotiate. Interest rates are staying low and not predicted to rise anytime soon. There are still serious buyers with fixed incomes, pensions and savings, or bulletproof jobs.

Some of the best deals were made by buyers in a time of flux, and so I’m anticipating somewhat of a similar story in the next several weeks if we can get past the worst part of this coronavirus outbreak.

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