5 elements to consider when you search for an active adult community in or around Peoria Arizona:


Ease of Access

Even if you have a stair climbing device, it can become a hassle to get up and down the stairs of a house you once enjoyed. Cleaning, laundry and simply getting around your own home become stressful. Look for ease of access at a active adult community. This could mean a single-level dwelling or elevators that can accommodate wheelchairs, depending on your health.

Housekeeping and Landscaping

For decades, you tackled the housekeeping, landscaping, meal preparation and other mundane duties at home. Even if the kids helped out, it required multiple reminders. Now that you are ready to retire, look for a community that provides all of these services so you are relieved of these duties.


Maintaining a vehicle is more work and sometimes it get difficult to drive if you have lost vision or hearing. Make sure to live in a community with public transportation. Some communities provide their own transportation to residents. It is also great to be in a location where you can walk to local shops and restaurants.

Plenty of Amenities

If you had a swimming pool at your house, this is a feature you may want to find in a retirement community. Best of all, they will take care of cleaning the swimming pool so all you need to do is enjoy it. Other amenities to consider include a community center, tennis courts and walking trails.

Local Socialization

Senior communities often provide opportunities to socialize right on the premises. This might include fitness classes, craft sessions, holiday dinners and other fun activities so you can appreciate the company of people your own age.



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