Looking for ways to cool down isn’t always easy when you live in the Phoenix Area. After hours going from house to house, it’s very tempting to buy the first home you see with that sparkling blue pool in the backyard. But what if you find the perfect pool-less home in a neighborhood with a community pool?
I’ll break down the pros and cons for you if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Community Pool Pros and Cons:

• Little to no maintenance of your part
• No liability on your part
• No additional expense to your water and electric bill
• More entertaining space – sometimes you can find hot tubs, casitas and BBQs
• You get to meet some of your neighbors

• Communities that come with association swimming pools typically come with an expensive HOA fee. I strongly advise researching the HOA ahead of time, find out the cost and how well maintained the area is.
• Restricted hours of operation (usually 10am to 10pm)
• No privacy
• You get to meet some of your neighbors
• The self consciousness that comes with wearing a swimsuit in public.

Private Pool Pros and Cons:

• Privacy
• Little to no additional money going to an HOA
• No time restrictions
• You don’t have to be concerned with “dress code” or lack there of
• You don’t have to share the pool with your neighbors if you don’t want to

• You have to take care of the regular cost and maintenance of the pool
• There will be insurance and tax liability involved in having your own pool
• Extra security and safety measures that you will need to take if you have dogs or small children

Don’t even get me started about Option 3 (Building a Pool). That’s another post. So, talk to me first before “taking the dive” into deciding whether or not to buy a Phoenix-Peoria home with a pool!

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