Should I be present when a buyer views my home?

The answer here is a big fat NO. When a buyer views your home, there is not any situation in which this is appropriate. Having the owner in the house makes the buyers uncomfortable. They feel as though they can’t make comments or ask questions that could be offensive. The owner—who has a history and attachment to the house—could have the tendency to argue if a potential buyer makes a comment that could be a little negative. This can turn off buyers and lose you offers. Got it?

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TIPS: Welcome Your Buyer Home

Although the buyer will be a guest in your home, your number one priority is to have the buyer imagine owning the home. Don’t make the buyer feel like an intruder.

Don’t expect the buyer who views your home to remove his or her shoes, unless you are selling to a buyer for whom religious or cultural reasons require it. Otherwise, this could be perceived as insulting.

Make sure to leave the house. The buyer won’t want to talk about the house in front of you or open doors with you standing there.

Don’t pressure or hurry up the buyer. Tell the buyer to take all the time they need and encourage them to return if needed.

Leave a bowl of wrapped candy or other treats near the front door with a small note thanking the buyer for coming to see your home.

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