The Pros and Cons of Buying a Phoenix Foreclosure

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Posted by Troy Elston, REALTOR on March 12, 2023

Understanding the foreclosure process in Phoenix

What is a foreclosure and how does it work?

Buying a foreclosure in Phoenix, Arizona can result in a wonderful bargain if you know where to look and how to deal with them. So, the question is – what is a foreclosure? A foreclosure is a legal process that a lender uses to take possession of a property from a borrower who has defaulted on their mortgage payments. The process of foreclosure involves the sale of the property to recover the unpaid balance of the mortgage loan.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find on this page:

The foreclosure process in Phoenix typically begins when a borrower falls behind on their mortgage payments. The lender then sends a notice of default to the borrower, informing them that they are in breach of their loan agreement and giving them a set period of time to bring their payments up to date. If the borrower is unable to do so, the lender will then file a notice of trustee sale with the county recorder’s office.

Once the notice of trustee sale has been filed, the property will be scheduled for auction, which is typically held at the courthouse. At the auction, the property will be sold to the highest bidder, who will then take possession of the property. If there are no bidders at the auction, the property will be returned to the lender, who then becomes the owner of the property.

The Phoenix Foreclosure Process

step one Phoenix foreclosure process unable to pay mortgage lender
Stage 1

The seller can’t or won’t continue to make their payments and the lender places the mortgage in default status..

step two Phoenix foreclosure process home goes to auction trustee sale bid on
Stage 2

After a legally determined amount of time, the lender attempts to sell the home to the highest bidder via a trustee sale.

step three Phoenix foreclosure process gets purchased by lender then goes back on the market as REO
Stage 3

Most of the time the home won’t sell at the trustee sale auction and as a result goes back to the lender and sold as a REO sale.

The Pros of Buying a Phoenix Foreclosure

Buying a foreclosure can be a good option for some home buyers for several reasons. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Lower Price:

Foreclosed homes are often sold at a lower price than comparable homes in the same area, which can be appealing to home buyers on a budget.

Potential for Profit: 

Home buyers who purchase a foreclosure that is undervalued and make improvements to the property can potentially sell the home for a profit in the future.

Opportunity to Buy in Desirable Areas: 

Foreclosures may be available in desirable neighborhoods or areas that are typically expensive, providing an opportunity for home buyers to purchase a home they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Reduced Competition: 

Many home buyers may be hesitant to purchase a foreclosure, which can reduce competition and potentially lead to a better deal.

happy face emoji
    • Lower purchase price compared to traditional home sales.
    • Potential for higher return on investment.
    • Opportunities for home improvement and customization.
    • Ability to negotiate with the bank or seller.
    • Ability to buy a home in a desirable location that may have otherwise been unaffordable.

The Cons of Buying a Phoenix Foreclosure

It’s important to note that buying a foreclosure also comes with risks and challenges. Foreclosed homes may require extensive repairs, have liens or other encumbrances on the title, and may be sold as-is, meaning the buyer assumes all responsibility for any repairs or issues with the property. Additionally, the foreclosure process can be pretty complex, and it’s important for home buyers to do their due diligence and work with experienced professionals to navigate the process successfully.

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    • Risk of hidden damages or needed repairs.
    • Uncertainty about the history and condition of the property.
    • Competition from other buyers, including cash buyers and investors.
    • Longer and more complex buying process.
    • Limited opportunity for negotiation or contingencies.

Top Tips for Buying a Foreclosure in Phoenix Arizona

Start with researching the foreclosure property thoroughly.

Look for foreclosure listings in your desired area through online resources, such as Zillow, findahomeyoulove.com, or foreclosure-specific websites like RealtyTrac and Foreclosure.com. You can also check with local Realtors like Troy Elston at West USA Realty, local banks, or the county courthouse.

Cheap foreclosed homes for sale in Phoenix

Research Property History

Once you find a property you’re interested in, research its history, including previous ownership, any liens or judgments on the property, and whether it has gone through a foreclosure auction yet.

Have a professional inspection and appraisal done before making an offer (if possible): 

Inspect the property as thoroughly as possible, either by attending an open house or scheduling a private viewing. If you do visit the property, please be careful not to disturb the occupants. Knocking on doors, trespassing into the backyard or peeping through windows are all frowned upon if the owner still lives there. Also, be aware that foreclosed homes are often sold “as-is,” meaning you may be responsible for any repairs or issues with the property.

Do a Title Search: 

Perform a title search to ensure there are no outstanding liens or encumbrances on the property that could affect your ownership rights. An experienced Realtor can place you in front of a great title agency who specializes in Phoenix foreclosed homes.

Work with a real estate agent or attorney who is experienced in foreclosures: 

Consider hiring a real estate agent or attorney who is experienced in foreclosures to help guide you through the process and provide additional insight into the property and its value.

Determine the Property’s Value: 

Research the property’s value by comparing it to similar homes in the area and taking into account any necessary repairs or upgrades. 

Get pre-approved for financing and have a plan for bidding and purchasing the property:

Financing a foreclosure is similar to financing a traditional home purchase, but there are some differences to be aware of. Here are some options to consider:

  • Cash Purchase: If you have the funds available, a cash purchase can be an attractive option for buying a foreclosure. Paying cash can give you more bargaining power and make the purchase process quicker and easier.
  • Traditional Mortgage: If you plan to finance the purchase, you can obtain a traditional mortgage from a bank or lender. Keep in mind that foreclosed properties may have issues that can make it more difficult to obtain a traditional mortgage, such as needed repairs or liens on the property.
  • FHA 203(k) Loan: This loan is specifically designed for home buyers who want to purchase a fixer-upper, including foreclosed properties, and finance the cost of repairs or renovations into the mortgage. However, there are some restrictions and requirements for the loan.
  • HomePath Mortgage: HomePath is a program offered by Fannie Mae that provides financing for foreclosed properties owned by Fannie Mae. The program offers special financing terms, such as a low down payment and no mortgage insurance, but it is only available for certain properties.
  • Hard Money Loan: A hard money loan is a type of loan that is typically used for short-term financing and has higher interest rates and fees than traditional mortgages. These loans are often used for real estate investments, including foreclosed properties.

It’s important to remember that researching a foreclosed property can be complex, and it’s essential to work with experienced professionals to ensure a successful purchase.

Just like any other investment, where there’s potential for large profit, there’s potential for higher risk. Finding and buying a foreclosure in Phoenix AZ can be fun and challenging all at the same time. Understanding the foreclosure process is half the battle.

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