Virtual Home Staging: Enhancing the Home Buying Experience with AI

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Posted by Troy Elston, REALTOR on April 14, 2023

Virtual Home staging has become an essential part of the real estate industry, as it helps buyers visualize themselves living in a space and can increase the perceived value of a property. 

However, traditional home staging can be time-consuming and costly, especially when dealing with multiple properties or vacant homes. 

Virtual home staging offers a modern solution to this problem, leveraging the power of AI to create realistic, customizable, and cost-effective virtual staging solutions.

What is Virtual Home Staging?

Virtual home staging involves using advanced AI technology to digitally enhance photos of a property to create a realistic, fully furnished look. 

This allows potential buyers to see what a home could look like with furniture, artwork, and other decorative items, without the need for physical staging. 

Virtual staging can be done quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution for busy real estate agents who want to showcase your property in the best possible light.

How Does Virtual Home Staging Work?

virtual staging software

Virtual home staging is typically done using specialized software that utilizes AI algorithms to analyze a property photo

and identify keyfeatures such as the room size, layout, and architectural style. 

The software then uses this information to create a digital version of the space, which can be customized with different furniture styles, colors, and textures. The final result is a realistic and visually appealing image of the property that can be used in marketing materials and online listings.

Benefits of Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging offers several benefits over traditional home staging. Here are a few:


Virtual staging is much more affordable than traditional staging, as it eliminates the need for physical furniture and decor. No moving company anywhere to be found.


Allows for easy customization of furniture styles, colors, and textures, making it easy to create a personalized look for each property.


Can be done remotely, without the need for physical visits to the property, saving time and money.


Can be done quickly, often in just a few days, making it ideal for agents who need to showcase properties quickly.

Realistic (Well, almost)

Virtual staging creates a realistic, high-quality representation of the property, helping potential buyers visualize themselves living in the space.

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  • Cost-effective: Virtual home staging is significantly more affordable than traditional home staging since there is no need to rent or buy furniture and decor.
  • Customizable: Virtual home staging allows you to easily and quickly change the style, color, and layout of furniture and decor to create a personalized look for your property.
  • Convenient: Virtual home staging can be done remotely, saving you time and money on in-person staging consultations.
  • Quick turnaround time: Virtual home staging can be completed in a matter of days, so you can quickly put your property on the market.
  • No need for physical staging: With virtual home staging, there’s no need to move furniture or stage the property physically, which can be disruptive to your daily routine.
  • Wide variety of design choices: Physical staging company only have so much inventory or variety.
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  • Lack of physical presence: Virtual home staging lacks the physical presence of traditional staging, which some potential buyers may find unappealing.
  • Limited realism: While virtual home staging can be highly realistic, it is not as accurate as physical staging. The photos may not show the true size of the rooms or the natural light coming in from windows.
  • Technical difficulties: Virtual home staging requires specialized software and technical expertise, which may result in delays or technical difficulties that could cause delays or extra costs.
  • Limited customization: While virtual home staging allows for customization, there may be limits to the extent of the customization that can be done.
  • Dependence on quality photographs: Virtual home staging relies on high-quality photographs of the property to be effective.

Overall, virtual home staging is a pretty nice cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional home staging.

How to choose a local home staging company

When it comes to choosing a local home staging company, there are several things to think about. Here are some tips to help you find the right company for before placing your home on the market:

company portfolio

Check their Portfolio

Look for a home staging company that has a strong portfolio of work. This will give you an idea of their style and quality of work. Ask to see before-and-after photos of their past projects to get an idea of how they transform spaces.

read all the reviews

Read All Their Reviews

Check out online reviews and testimonials from past clients to get an idea of their experience working with the company. Look for comments about the company’s communication, professionalism, and attention to detail.


Consider Their Experience

Look for a home staging company with experience in the local real estate market. They should have an understanding of the local housing trends, buyer preferences, and neighborhood demographics.


Ask about Their Process

A reputable home staging company should have a clear and transparent process for their services. Ask about their approach to staging, how they choose furniture and decor, and how they work with clients to create a customized look for each property.

check home staging company availability

Check Their Availability

Look for a home staging company that can work within your timeline and schedule. They should be able to accommodate your needs and be flexible with scheduling and deadlines.


Compare Their Pricing

Home staging pricing can vary depending on the company, the size of the property, and the scope of the project. Compare pricing from different companies and ask for a detailed breakdown of costs to ensure you are getting a fair and competitive price.

Company Pricing Turnaround Time Customer Service
Stuccco $29/photo + discount options 12-24 hours 24/7
Virtual Staging Solutions $75-99/photo 48 hours 9-5 M-F
Tantify $69-189/photo 12-24 hours 24/7
Padstyler $23-$39/photo 12-24 hours 24/7
ROoomy $49-$109/photo 48-72 hours N/A
Box Brownie $24/photo 48 hours 24/7
Styldod $16-$19/photo 24-48 hours 9-6:30 M-F
VRX Staging $29/photo 1 business day 9-5 M-F
VHT Studios $79-199/photo No deadline given Hours not listed

Please contact each company to verify pricing and terms while you prepare your home for sale. By taking the time to research and choose the right home staging company, you can ensure that your property is presented in the best possible light, helping to attract potential buyers and sell your property quickly and efficiently.

The Virtual Home Staging Process is Easy

Upload Your Photos

Submit Your Order

Get Your Staged Photos

Virtual home staging is a modern and cost-effective solution to traditional home staging. By leveraging the power of AI and specialized software, agents can create realistic, customizable, and visually appealing representations of properties.

One great side effect of using virtual staging is that you will find the perceived value of a home increases thereby enhancing the home buying experience for potential buyers.

Check Your Current Home Value Now

With its many benefits, virtual staging is becoming an essential tool in the real estate industry, helping agents to showcase their properties in the best possible light and sell homes more quickly and efficiently.

Want to learn more about the home staging process? Contact local real estate agent, Troy Elston with West USA Realty for more information how this can benefit your sale.

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